This blog is a space to display and discuss contemporary art, photography, film making and creative writing. If you would like us to feature your work, exhibition, project or if you want to contribute articles to the blog please visit the Submissions section for more information. We do not ask for any payment to feature content, we simply like sharing stories about interesting people and events as well as thought-provoking visual content. In 2019, we organised our first group show in London, UK, as an extension of this blog and we are planning to continue to develop curatorial projects with some of the artists we feature. 

“It takes great courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still to love it. And even more courage to see it in the one you love” OSCAR WILDE



Fabienne Jenny Jacquet is a painter and writer based in London, UK. She created the TaintedGlory art blog in 2017, while she was recovering from major surgery and needed a way to remain connected to the art world and other creatives. Her aim on this blog is to write from the point of view of an artist and art lover, not as an art critic, about the people, places and experiences that inspire her. She also contributes articles to other art blogs and magazines. More information about her art practice can be found at www.fabiennejennyjacquet.com.  

Instagram: @fabiennejennyjacquet


Dion Kitson. Born in 1995, Birmingham, Artist. "Shouting before finding a voice"


RosieLea. New-Zealand based artist, skeletons collector, dedicated vegan and animal lover.

Instagram: @rosieleaart